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Selected testimonials from participants

“I have done ‘rebirthing’ a few times both in a group and individually. Sally and Chris have created a peaceful space for this powerful kind of breathwork and they both gave me the loving support I needed to be able to open up and show my vulnerable side. They were there to hold me calmly and encourage me lovingly through the process. I felt in safe hands.
We spend our lives trying to avoid pain but here the idea is to breathe into the pain and find out what it is trying to tell us. In my experience, exploring the pain has led to some of the reasons for the pain being understood, accepted and healed. There is no knowing what will come up during a session and I have been surprised how I discovered some deeply ingrained beliefs from childhood that still hold me back as an adult.
As I start the session, I can usually feel my mental defences making my head fuzzy, but I try to breathe through this if I can. Sometimes I have had a breakthrough and I have sobbed like a child. Afterwards there can be a feeling of utter calm and I breathe more easily. I wonder if this sense of peace is me coming home to my true nature.
Chris and Sally always finish with me sharing what I have experienced. It’s surprising how much stuff is buried deep down and has steered my life. The breathwork has allowed me to get in touch with my inner child and face my pain. Something has shifted and I have become more open and more aware. Thank you.”
- Peter

I had never heard of Rebirthing before I met Chris and Sally. I had spent most of my adult life engaging on some level with my own self development. And up until then it had seemed as if it was going well. As I sat down in the tent where the Rebirthing session was to be held Sally and Chris began explaining the process. Sally is a gently spoken unassuming woman with eyes that just simply take care of you. Chris is a tall man whose big hugs I have come to know and love. There is a rock solid strength to Chris, a stability you can lean on, really lean on and feel held. But this belies perhaps the gentlest, most loving man I know.
When they are explaining the session they do so with clarity and precision but seem oddly uncomfortable with this stage as if they just want to get on with it. And when you do get on with it you can see why. This is without doubt and by a country mile the most profound, moving, deeply cathartic and beneficial self development tool I have ever used. It changed my life. Not in the paradigm shifting, change of personality way, but in a deeper way, a way that is hard to pin down but affects me every day.
It is at times a difficult practice but Sally and Chris hold you absolutely and unconditionally so that you can come through and fully benefit from the process.
I have done several sessions with them now and it just goes deeper and gets more profound. Thank you Sally and Chris, you have my love and admiration for what you do and you deserve great things for the gift you bestow.

I have been rebirthing with Sally and Chris many times over the last 4 years. I have found it to be an unbelievably brilliant tool to work with emotional stuff. In this time, I have done sessions during a couple of emotional crisis eg a relationship ending which have given me huge relief. And have been doing sessions to release deeper emotions which have revealed incredible insights about my life. I feel light and happier. Sally and Chris create a safe space in which I can go deep.
Their passion and commitment to this work shines through in every session. I have felt held in a safe place during my process in every session.
- Jo (Canterbury)
Before I leap into another relationship, I wanted to be more aware of why I am attracted to a certain type of partner. That’s why I took this course which is actually just as much a sharing circle as a course. It turns out that one of the keys to my choice of partner is my unmet needs, some of which I was hardly aware of until I took the course. I was surprised how much I learnt in a short time. After four weekly sessions, I decided to sign up for another four weeks. Chris and Sally are very supportive and taught some useful tools I can use for clearer communication.”

Thank you so much Sally and Chris your relationship course has been so illuminating I have learnt so much. Through the last month I have gained a real insight into the way that emotions are triggered within relationships why this is and how to respond. I have discovered my own reoccurring patterns and unmet needs. What I particularly found useful was the balance of practical experience using methods of communication that we learnt to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the theoretical information that ranged from the way the brain works to the way that transference works. I would recommend these courses to anyone wanting to improve their relationships whether they are single scared and lonely or unsatisfied with the relationship they have with their partner.