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"The Spiral" Studio

The studio is now up and running and available for reservation and we are very happy to welcome you.
Click here to see all the details on the AirBNB.

Spiral Straw Bale Studio

Canterbury, United Kingdom
Beautiful & unique hand-built straw bale studio overlooking open countryside. Great transport links to Canterbury’s historic centre & nearby beaches. Garden location with secluded patio for al fres...

'The Spiral' studio is a strawbale construction at our house near Canterbury. Designed and built by Chris and Sally with help from volunteers and friends. It is eco-friendly, lots of recycled materials were used in its construction, and it is soon to be off-grid.

Sally and Chris built this through their love of wanting to create community by people coming to help and learn with enthusiasm about sustainable building.


Below are a selection of images of 'The Sprial' studio from the beginning to it's completed state.