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Individual sessions and workshops for singles or couples in our Woodland Healing Centre

"I would recommend these courses to anyone wanting to improve their relationships whether they are single scared and lonely or unsatisfied with the relationship they have with their partner."

We will explore the possibility of taking responsibility for what we feel and what we need, including how to have the courage to share more of ourselves by opening to be vulnerable and explore how this can lead to having deeper and more nourishing connections in our relationships and in all areas of life.

  • How to communicate in stressful situations
  • How to contain your own feelings
  • How to create intimacy from conflict
  • How to have close loving relationships
  • We will show how our vulnerability can open our hearts so that we feel empowered.
  • We will explore our relationship towards giving and receiving.
  • We will hold a nurturing safe space for feelings and vulnerability to be held with confidentiality.

We have used our relationship as a mirror to witness ourselves and truely see the other by being vulnerable, honest and taking responsibility for our feelings. Understanding our conflicts has brought tenderness and intimacy to our connection. This in-turn opened our hearts and strengthened our union.

“Before I leap into another relationship, I wanted to be more aware of why I am attracted to a certain type of partner. That’s why I took this course which is actually just as much a sharing circle as a course. It turns out that one of the keys to my choice of partner is my unmet needs, some of which I was hardly aware of until I took the course. I was surprised how much I learnt in a short time. After four weekly sessions, I decided to sign up for another four weeks. Chris and Sally are very supportive and taught some useful tools I can use for clearer communication.”

This knowledge we bring to our relationship work from experiencing our own relationship and various trainings we have been on. We are passionate about doing relationship work, as it has totally transformed our lives.

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01227 832268 or 07967499660