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Rebirthing/Breathwork in our Woodland Healing Centre

Rebirthing is a gentle conscious breathing technique that is healing, transformative and liberating.

We do individual and group sessions, though we highly recommend an individual session for your first time.  If you would like to be a part of a regular rebirthing group, please contact us.

“I have done ‘rebirthing’ a few times both in a group and individually. Sally and Chris have created a peaceful space for this powerful kind of breathwork and they both gave me the loving support I needed to be able to open up and show my vulnerable side. They were there to hold me calmly and encourage me lovingly through the process. I felt in safe hands."

Learn how to:

  • Use breathing techniques to discover your own state of deep relaxation and to encourage emotional freedom.
  • To manage stress + improve creativity and self-esteem.
  • Improve your relationships by clearing out persistent issues that haven't changed using other methods.

Get in touch for prices and information about upcoming sessions.
Or read more about rebirthing below...

More about Rebirthing

Rebirthing is a healing journey into yourself. This powerful therapy is a means by which old feelings, memories, hurts, and limiting beliefs are resolved in a safe and gentle environment. Unlike many other approaches, with Rebirthing, the results last.


Make loving friends with even our deepest and most painful feelings. Together we shall create a healing atmosphere where it is safe to explore the most intense issues and emotions with love, respect and inner presence. leading to real transformation and an authentic sense of being.

We can then open our hearts and find true compassion for ourselves and others.

This is a personal growth process that uses breathing as a central activity in increasing awareness and assisting us to anchor consciousness in the present moment.

The aim, using the breath, is gently to increase the available energy in the body and allow that energy to open any emotional blocks and discover the feelings that are inside them. Then we may become aware also of any ways in which we are resistant to those feelings. The practice allows us to become more feelings conscious and tolerant.

"I have done several sessions with them now and it just goes deeper and gets more profound. Thank you Sally and Chris, you have my love and admiration for what you do and you deserve great things for the gift you bestow."

"This is without doubt and by a country mile the most profound, moving, deeply cathartic and beneficial self development tool I have ever used. It changed my life. Not in the paradigm shifting, change of personality way, but in a deeper way, a way that is hard to pin down but affects me every day."

Conscious connected breathing increases the available energy in the body. During the process we focus our awareness on the physical body, becoming conscious of any mental or emotional blocks and discovering the feelings that are inside them.

As we breathe and take awareness to our thoughts, emotions and feelings we can become aware of resistance. By acknowledging our resistance we can become more compassionate towards ourselves. When we fully understand our patterns of resistance and have shifted away from them, integration has taken place. We cannot do this by trying to rid ourselves of our resistance. To do this is to deny love to the innocent part that created it. By allowing the painful feelings and bringing our awareness to them, we can open our hearts to joy. Our manifold patterns of resistance have been with us since childhood. Integration is something that happens gradually as each pattern is fully experienced in love.

This is valuable because:

  • Once we have learned the skill of “being present” in a therapeutic situation, it stays with us and can be used in everyday life.
  • In everyday situations, where previously we have been triggered into patterns of avoidant behaviour, (strategies) it now becomes possible to notice and allow feelings and intercept the strategies before they happen.
  • As awareness increases we progressively gain choice in how to behave when triggered.

Benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork:

  • Connect consciously to presence.
  • Feel awakened within through expansion of awareness.
  • Open to your whole being and connecting to your intuition, creativity and inspiration.
  • Fully experience love, peace, joy and freedom,in all areas of your life.

If you want to heal your past, to make peace with yourself, and to move forward in FREEDOM then Rebirthing Breathwork is definitely for you.

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