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Woodland retreats

Retreat space

Book a Retreat/Workshop in Bekesbourne woodlands near Canterbury

Inside of the tent

Types of Retreats/Workshops in the Woodlands:

- Women's Empowerment Retreat
  Learn to value yourself and feel empowered by what you do.

- Yoga and Relaxation Retreat
  Relax mind & body in beautiful woodland setting.

- Conscious Relationships retreat
  How to turn conflict into intimacy.

- Rebirthing Breathwork retreat
  A profound self-healing tool.

- Mindfulness Meditation retreat
  Learn to be mindful in nature and find peace in meditation.

- Stress Therapy retreat
  Learn how to relieve your stress.

- Ecstatic Dancing in Woodland retreat
  Dance in the woodlands like nobody's looking.

- Create your own retreat/workshop with your friends.
  Bring two or three friends along and create a customized retreat program to suit you.

The workshops can take place inside or outside depending on preferences and weather.

The tent can comfortably accomodate 15 people.

Retreat/Workshop Space for Hire

The woodland workshop space can be hired for your own purposes.


School mum day: 10am-2.30pm
Half-day retreat: 10am-1pm
Day retreat: 10am-5pm

A beautiful large yurt for overnight stays!


Contact us to inquire about prices.