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"Meditation gives you what nothing else can give you - it introduces you to yourself."
- Swami Rama

Whenever we become too involved in the world, our inner balance is disturbed. We suffer from attachments and agitation, grief and pain.

When our inner life is balanced we become calm, composed and naturally joyful.

Meditation practice teaches stillness, concentration, and attentiveness.

The results are joy, wisdom, and serenity.

Meditation requires preparation as we have to learn how to allow physical discomfort and mental chatter.

Both active and passive meditations teach the same thing in the end, and you should choose your method according to your personality, and according to what you enjoy.

Meditation techniques taught:

No Mind stillness

Vipassana - awareness of breath

Visualisations and vision journeys



Ideal Meditation Guidelines.

Try to practice once every day at the same time. This helps it to become a habit.

Meditate before meals, or the food will weigh you down.

Dawn, Dusk and before bedtime are good times for practice.

Empty your bladder before commencing.

Try to create a pleasant space for practice, so you feel good about what you are doing.

Don't overdo it at first. It's Ok to start with a short time, say 15 minutes. Then increase the time gradually up to an hour.

Inquire for workshop times and dates.