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Sally's Ecstatic Divine-Dance

Inspired by 5 Rhythms ecstatic movement practice

A transformational inner journey of joy to your own power and connectedness and a journey to finding your sense of freedom and wonder in a mundane world.

With 14 years of research into human possibility and transformation, Divine-Dance Pacing is a fusion of powerful techniques woven together to inspire a liberated consciousness.


Pacing is the core therapeutic process in Divine-Dance that develops present moment awareness bringing you out of your focus on the daily grind.

Pacing is:-

- what we do when we dance.
- Pacing impatiently, always retracing the same steps.
- Following in someone else's footsteps.
- Finding OUR pace and the rhythm of our own life.
- Letting go into the greater harmony of all of life.

The Journey

We start at level 7 with our imprisoned self, firstly moving backwards and then moving forwards along our personal ladder of possibilities.

When we first move backwards, we review who we are now, though the expression of our normal thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions.

Then we begin to explore our possibilities through expressing how we COULD think, feel, and act if we consciously chose our thoughts, feelings, and actions in every moment.

Level 1:

The Art of the Body: Learning Kinaesthetic awareness. The power and intensity of expressing Primal urges, and giving everything we've got.

Level 2:

Flowing with Emotion: Mastering your emotional reality. Nurture, and mothering: being held, and holding others. Riding your wild horses.

Level 3:

Strutting the Self: Mind, Ritual, Self-knowledge and the power of conscious choice, Nourishing yourself.

Level 4:

Living from the Heart - Love, joy, bliss, devotion, & compassion - Acceptance and freedom from fear.

Level 5:

Clear speaking, and hearing - understanding and declaring yourself to the world. Asserting yourself without being aggressive.

Level 6:

Dreams and Visions. Dreaming your own potential and moving into it. Seeing clearly and with wisdom. Knowing how to move forward.

Level 7:

Freedom and boundless possibility. "When the future is uncertain, ANYTHING is possible". Moving or resting in silence and mystery.